Eamon Cooke

Eamon Cooke  (Before & After)

Eamon Cooke  (Before & After)

This is Eamon, 34, from Greysteel, a married father of two, and after years of struggling with injuries, ill health and depression to the point where he had eaten himself to the brink of becoming a Type 2 Diabetic along with dangerously high blood pressure, Eamon had left his health in a serious condition and decided that this time he was going to make a change for the better (not like the change’s he promised himself nearly every other week and never did) but this time he came to Waist Control where the People and the Results are SERIOUS. Eamon has gone from strength to strength and has surpassed all goals which where set in front of him and has added vital years to his life with his family and children in doing so, Eamon has taken off a unbelievable 6 STONE and over 25 inches within 13 weeks

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