Stephen McGill

Stephen Magill (Before & After)

This is Stephen and Tracey, both 34 years old and both living in Derry/Londonderry. They have both struggled with weight issues their whole lives and together decided to make a change for the better, In just 9 short weeks, Tracey has gone from a size 14 to a size 10 and lost just over 3 stone and Stephen has lost 5 stone 9lbs and gone from a 44 waist to 32! With 3 kids under 10, they both know what its like to work to a busy schedule everyday and battling with their weight was put on the back burner, but because Waist Control Programmes are fast, convenient and simple to follow, they stayed focused and it worked around their lifestyle.
Tracey is the happiest now she has ever been with her shape and feeling energetic everyday to run around after their 3 kids (And Stephen!) We are also happy to announce that after they both hit their target weight and thinking of the future is now possible again, Tracey and Stephen have officially announced their wedding and are due to be joined together as one this year!

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